About The Film


"Searching for Home: Coming Back from War" explores, in their own words,  the Truth, the Healing and the Hope of veterans from all generations returning home from war and their search for the “home” they left behind–physically, mentally and spiritually. From World War II, Korea and Vietnam to modern-day conflicts, Searching for Home is a multi-generational documentary that chronicles the journey from battlefield to homefront and the search for healing and eventually hope.


The Phases/Pillars of "Searching for Home"


The Truth

I have had an extraordinary and impactful experience. Its real and serious. I need to accept the truth of this experience and its repercussions.

What is wrong with me?

The Healing

I am different.  There are others like me.  There is a path for me. There is recovery/healing.

But I need help. How do I find help? What help/recovery path is right for me? How do I recover/learn?

I am on a path to recovery.


The Hope

My experience enables me to effectively help others.

I have something to give to others. I have a reason. I have hope. I am useful, needed and part of.

How do I help others?

Veteran/Family Resources